Anonymous Employee Surveys

Only can guarantee anonymity for employees and greater candidness for employers. is a trusted 3rd party survey service that insures employee anonymity through guaranteed "Anonymous Employee Survey Reports," encryption, security practices and privacy policies.

If you want open and candid feedback, you need to use a 3rd party service that guarantees and certifies your employee's anonymity.   We insure your employees will remain anonymous to you, the employer in your report.  For our anonymous employee guarantee, see our Privacy Policy.  General  survey services and companies will disclose IP and/or email addresses and other info in their reports, and make no such guarantee. 

For a limited time, we're offering new affordable rates, starting as low as $39 for one month of unlimited surveys, unlimited employees, and includes one anonymous survey report  in .csv and PDF format.  We can upload and test your survey for a nominal charge, or use our free Survey Builder and templates to build, customize and test your survey. 

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For employers, benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use online, DIY do-it-yourself Survey Builder with a variety of question types and custom styles, or we can upload your survey content for a small fee.
  • Sample Survey for Employee satisfaction survey or feedback surveys templates
    • employee satisfaction survey questions
    • employee motivation survey questions
    • employee benefit survey questions
    • employee morale or attitude survey questions
    • employee engagement survey questions
  • Login to monitor responses and systems to insure survey completion for each invited employee
  • Employee confidence of anonymity, better responsiveness and feedback
  • Robust report data, cross tabulations, without revealing employees identity
  • Reasonable rates

For Employees:

  • Confidence that their identity will not be revealed to management / employer
  • Confidence to respond freely

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Remember, capturing employee feedback through regular surveys is a crucial tool for all levels of management. Honest and anonymous employee feedback, such as a  job satisfaction survey, helps to detect and correct current and potential problems with your workforce, and give employees a safe forum to share what's on their mind.  Whether question about your supervisors and managers, company policies, benefits or work environment, your employees will feel empowered and more confident to answer your questions candidly