Anonymous Employee Surveys:

Employees:  Your employer may provide us with a list including your name and email address, so that we can send you survey invitations. Alternatively, they may provide you with a link to the survey.  In either case, will only provide survey results, data, and reports to your employer without any personally identifying information, such as your name, email, IP address, cookie data or machine ID.  We guarantee that your responses will be anonymous to your employer, and otherwise confidential and private. Please refer to our Terms of Service for additional information and regarding our liability.

We will not provide any or your responses or personal information to any third party at any time, and will delete your personal information and email addresses within a reasonable period of time. We will restrict access to such information, while still in our possession, using standard security measures, only to a single authorized and trusted officer of anonymous-surveys.  However, we may reveal personal information to law enforcement but only as required by law or court order.

Employers: We will keep all information you provide to us, such as survey questions, responses, employee names and email addresses, confidential, and in no such case will be provided to any third party, except to law enforcement but only as required by law.  All electronic survey data provided will be restricted by standard security measures, and deleted after a reasonable period of time. 

Paid Surveys: 

By our name, we indicate we are all about your privacy.  By signing-up and participating in several paid surveys, we'll collect a lot of information on you, your interests and preferences.  This information will be tied to you only through your email address.  However, that email address need not necessarily identify you personally. More on anonymity.

Our policy, in brief:

  • We will not attempt to identify you, unless there is indication of survey duplication or survey fraud. When we do we will usually (but not always) ask you for more information, such as your address and phone.

  • We will never sell, distribute or disclose your email address, and/or your related personal information to another entity, without your permission. One exception, is if another company purchases all the assets of, and they abide by the same or more strict of a confidentiality agreement.

  • We encrypt your survey sessions with SSL to prevent eaves-dropping.

In some cases where we need to identity you, and for your anonymous profile, we will keep such information under the strictest of confidence. 

The information you provide to us includes your first and last name, an email address, zip code, gender, age (but usually not including your mailing address, phone or credit card number, or date of birth), as well as all the personal demographic and survey responses you submit. We also collect computer IP addresses, cookie data, and other data from your computer and network, which is normally insufficient to  personally identify you.

Disclosures to Law Enforcement. We will only reveal your profile and submitted information to law enforcement as required by law or to pursue real or perceived damages you have made to the company.  Revision of June 22, 2011.

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