Is this really Anonymous?

For paid or chance to win surveys:

Yes, mostly. Here’s how:

1. Unlike other survey or market research firms,  we don’t ask your address, birth date, phone or credit card number,  or try to confirm your identity with 3rd party databases. (To avoid these questions and remain anonymous you must have a U.S. based, verified, personal or premier Paypal account.)

 2. Your precise personal identity is not disclosed by Paypal. When you provide your Paypal email address to us, all they reveal is your scant “member profile,” along with your first name. Your mailing address is not disclosed when we pay you.

After we make a payment, the only additional information we can then view is your last name. However, we won’t know who you really are with just your first and last name. For example, if your name is Sandy Jones, there are probably dozens of names like that in your state, city or zip. Other firms want to pinpoint your identify you by confirming all your personal information, address, etc., with external databases. We know, with all the personal information being asked, that this scares many of you off.

While we may not know who you are, Paypal will–especially if as you have a  U.S based “Verified” account (strongly preferred), which means you’ve linked and confirmed your bank account. 

3. Your Email Address. If you prefer, use or create a new email address that isn’t tied to a public profile, and which is not linked to your name, address or other personal data. For example, a yahoo, hotmail or gmail address. We can’t or won’t try to identify you, unless there is suspicion of fraud or duplication.

4. Your IP address

We do not use and are unaware of ways to personally identify you by IP or your computer and computer network’s “Internet Protocol” number.  However, please note that IP “proxies” to mask your true IP address are not permitted, and when detected, no payment or prize will be due. 

5. Cookies. Cookies only help you not have to reenter answers to questions you already answered, such as your email address. We do not share or exchange cookies data, email address or other personally identifying information with anyone. If you turn off accepting 3rd party cookies, then you’re assured we can’t “read” other company or website’s cookies which could identify you.

6. Other machine identification. We may employ computer fingerprint detection technology which helps us identify your computer, without obtaining any personally identifying information.

Summary: values your opinion AND your privacy. Except for unusual circumstances such as evidence of user survey duplication, we:

  • do not ask for information that personally identifies you in a exact way*
  • don’t try to confirm your identity through 3rd party databases as other firms do*
  • we pay through Paypal which protects your exact personal identity from us.
  • are not aware any technical method of personally identifying you 

In summary, you can be assured that for all practical purposes, and in most circumstances, you and your responses will be anonymous to us.

Note: Security.

We do have various procedures in place to detect survey duplication and fraud. We reserve the right to withhold payment to anyone on suspicion of fraud, in any manner.  Please see Terms of Service.

*Applies as long as you provide a qualifying Paypal account