Terms of Service

Read this in its entirety. Usage of this site implies agreement with these terms.

These Terms of Service were last updated on June 23, 2011

Terms 1-11 apply ONLY to users and visitors signing up and in anticipation of receiving a payment or incentive in exchange for taking a survey.

Term 12 applies to ALL OTHER participants, including employers and employees participating in employee surveys.

Term 13 applies to ALL users and visitors of the site and its services.

  1. Participant requirements.1.1. Users must be 18 years or older OR 13 years or older with parental permission. A user under 18 certifies that a parent has given permission by checking the box that corresponds to “I Agree.”1.2. Users must provide valid and truthful information during all stages of membership at Anonymous-Surveys.com. This clause applies to every form of interaction with an Anonymous-Surveys.com representative.1.3. Users must reside in the United States of America. Only users residing in one of the 50 states are eligible; additionally, territories and APOs/FPOs are not eligible.1.4. You must be fluent in English speaker1.5. You must NOT create more than one account, and you may register or sign-up only once, whether with the same or different email address, the same or different PayPal accounts, the same or different computer or network.1.6. You must have a U.S. based, personal or premier PayPal email and account in your own name, in order to get paid cash and to remain “anonymous.” (Note, Paypal.com is free to signup and free or very inexpensive to use. You can get a Paypal account, or make it Verified, up to 15 days AFTER your first client research survey and still get paid.1.7. One account per household. You must not create an account in the same household as one that already exists. This means only one family member or roommate of a household can have an account. A “household” is defined as a single dwelling (including basements, attics, extensions, etc). Should a user be a member of more than one household, he/she must be the only Anonymous-Surveys.com user in each of those households.1.8. Users must take surveys on their own personal computer and internet connection only. One account per computer and IP address. The use of our surveys on a public or shared computer or public internet connection is grounds for disqualification. You may not access your Anonymous-Surveys.com account on the same computer or internet connection as your referrer, referral, or any other Anonymous-Surveys.com user. Violation of this term may be considered grounds for disqualification of any and all users involved.1.9. Users must not use a proxy or otherwise attempt to mask or reroute their connection. Proxies may or may not be blocked; however, no incentive is payable if a proxy is detected. Violation of this term may be considered grounds for disqualification.1.10.Account security is the responsibility of the user and the user may be held accountable for any actions taken on their own account. To prevent issues with account security, please use a strong password with your email account, any passwords you use to signup (if we provide such a capability) so that they would not be easily guessed, do not share it with anyone, along with any survey codes, or passwords we provide to you.
  2. Disqualification. A user’s account may be disqualified and his or her earnings forfeit in, but not limited to, the following cases:
    • He/she violates any of the terms set forth in these Terms of Service,
    • He/she posts his or her referral link where it is unwelcome (e.g., “spamming”),
    • He/she attempts to exploit any vulnerability on Anonymous-Surveys.com (e.g., “hacking”), or
    • He/she is determined by Anonymous-Surveys.com, in its sole discretion, to be detrimental to the stability of this site or this site’s relationship with its advertisers.
    • He/she posts instructions for a walk-through, or how to complete a survey.
  3. Cancellation/Deletion. If you wish to “cancel” or “delete” your account, contact us by email or our contact form.
  4. Transfers Not Allowed. Accounts, or balances contained therein, may not be transferred, exchanged, sold, or otherwise change ownership under any circumstances, except by Anonymous-Surveys.com.
  5. Anonymity & Privacy. Anonymous-Surveys.com values your opinion and your privacy. Please view our Privacy Statement.5.1 Our normal procedure to keep you “anonymous”. Anonymous shall mean that while we may know your first and last name, your email address and zip, we do not know information that would positively identify you in a precise way.

    Unless you opt-out of being anonymous in order to take advantage of alternate incentives while not being Paypal Verified, except for unusual circumstances such as evidence of user survey duplication, we:
    • do not ask for information that personally identifies you in an exact way
    • don’t try to confirm your identity through 3rd party databases as other firms do.
    • we pay through Paypal which protects your exact personal identity from us.
    • are not aware nor currently, use any technical method to personally identify you. In summary, you can be assured that for all practical purposes, and in most circumstances, you and your responses will be “anonymous” to us; we will not know your precise identity.5.2. No guarantee on Anonymity. We generally will try to keep you “anonymous” but we cannot make guarantees that you will remain truly anonymous to us. Our privacy statement shall suffice in any cases where your identity is revealed or acquired, usually under the below circumstances:5.3. Voluntary Identifying yourself: If you do not have a Verified Paypal account you will need to positively identify yourself prior to participating in “Chance to Win” and redeemable Points based surveys. You will then need to fill out additional information, such as an address, phone numbers, date of birth, etc. We would then need to confirm your identity.5.4. Identity Request & Cooperation. In certain cases, we may ask you to positively identify yourself. If you submit a non-verified PayPal account, we may ask you to verify your identity. In addition, from time to time, we may need to randomly audit selected records, or we may detect suspicious activity, or have evidence of potential survey user duplication or fraud. Under these circumstances, we may take steps to positively identify you, with or without additional notice and with or without your cooperation. This applies to all account types. We reserve the right to ask you information, that would positively identity you, in order to maintain the integrity of our database of panelists.5.5. Grounds for Cancellation & Withholding of Funds. You agree to cooperate in providing answers to our questions which would pinpoint your identity you for the following reasons:
    • Non-Validated PayPal Account
    • Multiple sign-ups with duplicated or similar names
    • Other suspicious activity or evidence of fraud, regardless of PayPal account or payment type should we not be able, or decide it economically unfeasible to positively identify you under any of these or similar circumstances, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion to cancel your account and withhold any payment due in your account.5.6. Grounds for Cancellation only. However, it is at your option to provide answers to our questions which would pinpoint your identity for the following reasons:
    • Random sampling to audit our accounts
    • A few sign-ups with duplicated or similar names you choose not to cooperate in identifying yourself, you are still entitled to collect any incentive due (unless you’ve violated another stipulation of this agreement) but we reserve the right, at our sole discretion to cancel your account.5.7. Privacy when identified. Should we positively identify you without your permission or knowledge, we will not keep your identity information in the same database as your profile and survey responses. In all situations, your privacy will still be dictated by our Privacy Statement.
  6. Survey Terms.6.1. Anonymous-Surveys.com strongly suggests that users carefully and completely read all the terms associated with each survey before completing it. Such terms will be either on our website (our sign-up survey) or in the email invitation to complete the survey.6.2. While we strive for accuracy, typographical errors do occur. Anonymous-Surveys.com is not responsible for typographical errors on the survey invitation emails or pages.6.3. The time estimate of a survey provided in the invitation is only an estimate for the average panelist. Some surveys may take a bit longer to seriously answer the questions. Please direct your comments or complaints about the time estimate on our contact form. We wish to make you happy and reward you according to the time required.6.4. Other than the initial Sign-up survey, users must take only those surveys in which they’ve been invited by their own account email, for which they qualify and have a legitimate interest. The survey topic should be in the subject email. If a user is found, in Anonymous-Surveys’ sole discretion, to be in violation of this provision, his/her earnings will be forfeit and his/her account disqualified.6.5. Most survey invitations offer incentives of cash through Paypal. If you do not have a Verified PayPal account, you may not receive as many invitations for cash only incentive surveys, or receive any. However, if you do receive invitations they maybe for “chance to win”, “points” or it may be for cash, but simply remind you that you may become verified within 15 days of completing it, in order to ensure payment.6.6. We can not guarantee any specific number of survey invitations or how many you may qualify for.6.7 Survey Offer expiration. Between the time you receive an email and the time you click the link, we may have filled a quota, and the survey will not open for you. Although in some cases, you may be allowed to return to complete a half-finished survey, in most cases you may be required to complete a survey from beginning to end in one sitting, otherwise, the survey may close6.8 Screening Questions. Registered members who agree to participate in a survey for which they have received an email invitation, may access the survey by clicking on the link provided in the email invitation. The respondent member will then be linked to pre-survey screening questions designed to ensure that a representative population of members meeting the client’s survey criteria is included in the survey process. The screening questions are not a part of the actual survey. The number of screening questions asked prior to the start of each survey will be limited in number but will vary by survey. Unless a particular survey has already received a sufficient number of responses or has otherwise been closed, those respondents that answer all the screening questions and meet all of the client requirements for the survey will be linked to the survey. Anonymous-Surveys.com does not compensate members for answering screening questions, or for partially completed survey responses. Anonymous-Surveys.com only receives compensation from its survey clients for completed and validated survey responses.6.9 Sign-up incentive. The Sign-up survey incentive, or “bonus” if and when offered, may be fully or partially dependent on completing a research survey. If you do not qualify to receive one, or if we have no surveys to offer you within one year’s time, we regret that we cannot complete any conditional portion of the sign-up incentive.
  7. Survey Completion.7.1. Users may only complete a survey if they have never completed it previously, whether on this site or another.7.2. Only one payment per person per survey will be paid.7.3. Completion is imperative. To be paid for a survey, you must complete it. Not all questions are required, but the required questions must be filled out.7.4. To be paid for a study, you must answer all the questions seriously, logically consistent, and in a reasonable span of time. The payment is not automatic. We look at the answers and how long it takes you to complete each page. Please be thoughtful, honest, and truthful in all your responses.7.5. Anonymous-Surveys.com uses employs survey software to track completions, but occasionally offers fail to record. Anonymous-Surveys.com does not guarantee payments for surveys that fail to be recorded. If a survey fails to be recorded automatically, the user understands that Anonymous-Surveys.com cannot provide recourse, other than allowing you to retake the survey, providing it is still open. If and only if you do not get a completion or “Thank you” page after completing your survey, please notify us by email and then retry the invitation link in your email to retake the survey.
  8. Payments.8.1. Anonymous-Surveys.com is solely responsible for survey cash payments, awarding points redeemable for prizes with 3rd parties (if and when we provide points based surveys), and for authorizing the distribution of prizes in “chance to win” surveys.8.2. Users must provide valid information when signing up. Falsifying information for offers is grounds for an account or offer credit disqualification, as well as liquidated damages.8.3. Cash Payments will NOT be guaranteed for non-Verified Paypal accounts, even for completed surveys that we have invited you to take. (We will try to remind you to become verified within 15 days of completing your survey. Sorry, because of the possibility of fraud, cash payments for non-verified accounts is at our discretion only. “Verified” Paypal accounts are strongly preferred.8.4. Payment Rate. The payment rate for cash incentive surveys is usually $12-18 per hour of participation but is subject to the individual survey offers.8.5. Disbursement. All payment of cash incentives is carried out by Anonymous-Surveys.com. We have no minimum balance for the payment, but in the future, we may establish reasonable minimum balances before you may be paid, such as $5. Anonymous-Surveys.com disburses payments for the previous period usually on the second and fourth Friday. We may also choose to pay you more quickly from time to time. Amounts may be held a reasonable amount of time to confirm the unique identity of each new user/member.8.6. Payment Fees. We do not take any fees out of the stated survey completion award. Paypal has certain small fees taken out of your payments from Anonymous-Surveys.com, depending on your type of account with Paypal.8.7 Chance to Win Surveys. If you do not have a Verified Paypal account you will need to positively identify yourself prior to participating in “Chance to Win” surveys. When we offer a “chance to win” survey to you, if you qualify and complete it, and then are randomly selected, you will either win the prize stated in the survey invitation, or receive any stated points, at your option. If Anonymous-Surveys handles the distribution of the prize, you will also need to provide identifying information (mailing address) to us, in order to send you the prize. However, we will not add this information to your survey profile if you were previously “anonymous”.8.8 Points based Surveys. If you do not have a Verified Paypal account you will need to positively identify yourself to us prior to participating in points-based surveys. We may offer surveys redeemable for points with an established 3rd party points and rewards based service. You will likely need to provide the 3rd party points redemption service your personal information.8.9 Substitution. No substitution, assignment, or transfer of payments, points, or prizes is permitted.8.10 Restricted Use. Users may not request payment to a PayPal account or bank accounts that they do not personally own. Users are also forbidden from “signing over” checks to other people.8.11 Additional Verification. In some rare situations, if required by Anonymous-Surveys, in order to prevent and detect possible survey user duplication, before a user may collect or receive a payment, he/she may have to provide and verify additional information, which may personally identify them. We reserve this right in order to preserve the integrity of our services and to prevent fraud.
  9. Indemnification.9.1. Liability. You agree to hold Anonymous-Surveys.com completely without liability or fault in the course of any court proceedings (“hold harmless”).
  10. Reserved Rights. Anonymous-Surveys.com reserves the following rights:10.1. Anonymous-Surveys.com reserves the right to deny payment for any legitimate reason.10.2. Anonymous-Surveys.com reserves the right to disable any account for any reason.10.3. Anonymous-Surveys.com will report fraudulent activities to the proper authorities.10.4. Anonymous-Surveys.com reserves the right to update these terms at any time. Any such update will be posted to this page.10.5. Anonymous-Surveys.com reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.
  11. Additional Information for incentive-based surveys11.1. PayPal Requirements. The PayPal payment method has the following stipulations:
    • 11.1.1 Multiple Anonymous-Surveys.com users may not share a single PayPal account.
    • 11.1.2. There must be an active PayPal account at the payment email address.
    • 11.1.3. PayPal accounts must be Verified and located in the United States. From time to time, Anonymous-Surveys.com may waive the requirement for a Verified account but may request additional information from which may identify you in a precise way.11.2. Time zone. All dates and times given are U.S. Pacific Time.11.3. VIOLATION OF TERMS AND LIQUIDATED DAMAGES
    • 11.3.1. Our failure to act with respect to a breach by you or others does not waive our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches.
    • 11.3.2. You understand and agree that, because damages are often difficult to quantify, if it becomes necessary for anonymous-surveys.com to pursue legal action to enforce these Terms, you will be liable to pay Anonymous-Surveys.com the following amounts as liquidated damages, which you accept as reasonable estimates of Anonymous-Surveys.coms’ damages for the specified breaches of these Terms:
      • If you sign-up more than once, whether manually or automated means you agree to pay Anonymous-Surveys.com two thousand dollars ($2,000) for each such account or email address register.
      • If you start and complete or attempt to complete a survey more than once, whether manually or by automated means, you agree to pay Anonymous-Surveys.com $1000 USD for each instance.
      • Otherwise, you agree to pay Anonymous-Surveys.com’s actual damages, to the extent such actual damages can be reasonably calculated, plus attorney’s fees.
    • 11.3.3. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms, Anonymous-Surveys.com retains the right to seek the remedy of specific performance of any term contained in these Terms, or a preliminary or permanent injunction against the breach of any such term or in aid of the exercise of any power granted in these Terms, or any combination thereof.
  12. For non-incentive based survey participants and survey services12.1. If you are an employee participating in an anonymous survey contracted by your employer, Anonymous-Surveys will take reasonable care to ensure that your personally identifying information is stripped and removed from any report available to your employer. In the unlikely event that such data is accidentally disclosed to your employer, and such disclosure directly and clearly results in damages such as resulting in termination, you agree that the total amount of damages Anonymous Surveys will be liable for will be limited to $1000, USD, per participant, and $5000 in aggregate for all participants per survey or organization.12.2. Although you may contract with us to invite your employees to participate, Anonymous-surveys is not responsible for incompleted surveys.12.3. If you are contracting with Anonymous-Surveys.com for an anonymous participant or employee survey, understand that all reports and data of results are intended to be stripped of all information that could personally identify each survey respondent. Should you discover any data or information in such data or reports that identifies or could potentially identify a participant or employee, whether contained in printed, electronic or online forms, you shall not use such information, immediately and permanently delete or destroy any such documents, and immediately notify Anonymous-Surveys.com of such disclosure so we can resolve the issue and reissue a report that has been stripped of personally identifying information.12.4. If you discover and use any such personally identifying information, you will hold Anonymous-Surveys harmless from all and any damage that your participant or employee may claim as a result of such a disclosure, and assume all responsibility for any alleged damages.
  13. Additional Information13.1. Forum. Any dispute under this agreement must be settled under the laws of California. Any litigation relating to this document must be brought in the federal or state courts located in San Diego, CA, our place of business.13.2. Unenforceability. If any provision of this agreement shall be held or made invalid or unenforceable by a court decision, statute, rule or otherwise, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall not be affected thereby.13.3.IN NO EVENT SHALL ANONYMOUS-SURVEYS.COM, INC. BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE OR OTHER DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF BUSINESS PROFITS, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION OR LOSS OF BUSINESS INFORMATION), ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE AVAILABILITY, PERFORMANCE OR USE OF THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS WEBSITE, EVEN IF ANONYMOUS-SURVEYS.COM, INC. HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITIES OF SUCH DAMAGES.

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