Paypal Surveys

Paypal Surveys

Paypal is really one of the best and easiest ways to get paid for a cash paying survey.  No waiting for checks–your survey money can deposited right into your bank account. Getting a Paypal account is a easy.

If  you’re looking to take a Paypal paid survey, know that almost all of our surveys are paid in cash by Paypal.    U.S. based Paypal accounts are required at this time. Verified Paypal accounts are strongly preferred.  All you need is to provide your email address which is related to your qualifying Paypal account, then we’ll send you survey invitations. 

1) Obtain a Paypal account  click here if you don’t already have one. Remember it MUST be US based and a “personal” or “premier” (non business) account in your name and preferably a “Verified” account .

2) Confirm your PayPal account is “Verified” prior to starting to improve your odds for being invited to more surveys. Log into your PayPal account to confirm (your status will be under your name–look for the word “Verified.” If it’s missing, you don’t have a “verified” account yet).

3) To become Paypal verified, follow these steps, (see this Paypal link for more information.)

1. Log in to your Paypal account
2. Click “Unverified”
3. Choose the verification method and click the corresponding button.

Link your email address you provide to us to your Paypal account. It doesn’t have to be your primary email.

For more, see Requirements.

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