Earn Money Taking Online Surveys

Earn Money taking surveys anonymously.

Lots of people wonder whether online surveys “are or scam” or if you can really earn money taking a survey–or at least a substantial amount to make it worthwhile.

The first thing you have to know, is that the market research industry is very big and very legitimate. Companies spend thousands on research projects because it can both save them money and make them money.

As for scams, yes there are “scams” out there on the internet; both in the form of survey companies and membership based survey listing or referral services, which make you pay money in order to make money with the survey companies. There are hundreds of those types of websites. Frankly we think that is absurd. But only because there are several free sites offering this service. They list the top market research firms which offer legitimate paying surveys.

Many of these firms offer high paying surveys of ” $5 to $75 per survey.” But keep in mind the $75 top end range is usually for a very highly specialized panelists, perhaps a professional in a certain expertise, e.g. anesthesiologists, and/or those who are completing a particularly long or difficult survey.

Anonymous-Surveys usually pays based on the length of the survey, so you have some consistency getting paid on a hourly basis. Many of our candidates have commented they like the fact that we pay cash, we mention it clearly upfront, whereas all the other firms pay points, which redeem into prizes, and only sometimes, cash.

Although many of our candidates believe we have a favorable pay rate, in some cases we may not be able to pay the highest rate, because many of our candidates prefer to stay anonymous, and we haven’t verified the candidates identity. However in the cases when we’re more competitive, there are more surveys to do.

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