Is this Really Anonymous?

Yes, for the most part. To learn more, click here

Do you only pay points or “a chance to win” prizes,  or is it really cash?

Almost all of our surveys offers are currently in cash amounts and are paid directly to you through your verified Paypal account.  A few surveys may be “chance to win” prize offers,  points or points redemption based offers.

Do I ever have to buy anything, or sign-up for some other service, to take a survey?

That is not our business model. We know some companies posing as market research firms are really promotional firms. They make you buy or try something with every “survey” invitation.   We would never have you buy something with your own funds and it would be rare to require you to buy or sign-up for some other service in order to conduct a legitimate research survey.

How much can I really make?

Most of the surveys pay at a rate of $2 to $5 per 10 minutes of survey, though some will top $50/hour.  Most surveys are 5 to 20 minutes in length.  A few surveys offer “chance to win” prizes, or points redeemable for prizes.

Do I have to have a Paypal Account to sign-up?

No, but you’ll need one for our cash incentive surveys.  Paypal enables you to get paid quickly and anonymously. However you don’t need a Paypal account when you signup. You can get one later, or just take “chance to win” or “points” based surveys, although you may lose your “anonymous status” when qualifying for these types of surveys. 

Is getting a Paypal Account free and easy to get?

Yes. There are no sign-up fees and no or very small transaction fees. To get a Paypal account, learn about requirements or more info, click here.  (Remember it must be US based and a “personal” or “premier” (non business) account in your name and preferably a “Verified” account .

Do I have to live in the US and have a U.S. based Paypal account?

Yes, our research clients are focused here so you MUST live in the USA.  You must have a U.S.-based Paypal for cash incentive surveys. 

What is a “Verified” Paypal account?

Verified means you’ve linked your bank account or Paypal credit card to your Paypal account.  For more information, click: Paypal Verified.

I have Paypal, but how do I know if I’m “Verified”?

Prior to starting, log into your PayPal account.  Your status will be under your name–look for the words “Status: Verified.”  If it’s missing, you don’t have a “verified” account yet.

How do I become Paypal verified?

Follow these steps, (see Paypal’s link for more information.)

1. Log in to your Paypal account
2. Click “Unverified”
3. Choose the verification method and click the corresponding button.

Do I have to have a “Verified” Paypal account to participate?

If you do complete a cash-incentive research survey without this, you have up to 15 days after to become Paypal-verified, or we reserve the option to decline payment.  Also you will receive more survey invitations if Verified. If you are a non-verified member, and you don’t want to become verified, we may contact you for additional information which will likely result in losing your anonymity. By answering additional questions we may be able to confirm your identity, so you may then receive “chance to win” and “points” based surveys.

How quickly do you pay?  Is there a minimum balance before you pay?

For cash incentive surveys, we normally pay within 1-14 days after you’ve completed a survey, every other Friday, though occasionally we pay more quickly.  If you are a newer sign-up, it may take longer to confirm that there is no account duplication.  We do not currently have a minimum balance prior to payment.

How many surveys can I expect to do per month?

Sorry, that’s hard to say. Our research clients have needs to survey a specific number of people in one or more demographic groups.  So how many surveys you receive depends on how many surveys that you qualify for, how well you qualify, how long you’ve been with us as well as the number of surveys available, the survey completion quota (for each demographic, and in total).  In general, the longer you are with us, the more opportunities you should receive.   We are also a young company and growing our panelists, and as such we’re slowly growing the number of survey opportunities.

Can I log in to see available surveys and the status of payments for completed surveys?

No, sorry, not at this time. We will email you survey invitations when you qualify and if  the quota has not been filled.  Please email us for any inquiries on payment status

Other questions?

If you have a question not listed here, please click here or check the Contact section to place your question. We’ll try to add it here in addition to replying to you directly.