Survey Privacy

Survey privacy

 How does one keep their privacy while taking a survey? There are several types of surveys: employee, customer, political and market research. Many of these are anonymous and “private,” as you don’t have to provide your name or personal information. But is “survey privacy” for paid surveys for market research purposes an oxymoron? Most market research firms ask you personal information, such as your name, address, etc. and confirm against 3rd party databases. But it doesn’t have to be that way. is unique in that we offer true survey anonymity and survey privacy. Take a paid online survey privately, without revealing your true identity. All you have to register is provide an anonymous email address, linked to your US, verified Paypal account, and your first and last name. We won’t know who you are with just those bits of info. We won’t ask for confirming info like your address, phone or date of birth. Also, we use SSL encryption to insure there is no eavesdropping and use trusted servers and hosting to protect against hacking. So when you answer all those personal questions, relax. You can be confident of your survey privacy.

Here are some steps to keep your “Survey Privacy.”

1) Don’t use a fake name-you real name is needed if you’re looking for cash or check.
2) Use an anonymous email address- one not tied to a site that identifies you.
3) Don’t use a proxy – as most sites will consider that a duplication attempt.
4) Block 3rd party cookies in your browser.
5) Use a company that allows anonymous survey sign-ups or registrations.

For more see How to Keep your Privacy & Anonymity Taking Surveys

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