Paid Survey Requirements, Paypal….

You must:

  • Live in the USA,
  • Be at least 18, or at least 13 with your parent’s permission.
  • A US-based, personal or premier non-duplicated email and account is required prior to  receiving cash payments. If you don’t have Paypal, you can still sign-up. (We will occasionally offer “chance to win” surveys and points based surveys which will allow you to redeem your points for prizes). is free to sign-up and free or very inexpensive to use. You can get a Paypal account, or make it Verified, up to 15 days AFTER your first client research survey and still get paid. Please notify us when you’ve done so here.
  • “Verified” Paypal account are strongly preferred. They insure cash payments, and are required for anonymous payments.  Sorry, because of the possibility of account duplication, cash payments will NOT be guaranteed for non-Verified Paypal accounts, payment is at our discretion only. If you’re unsure if you have one, check the steps below, or email us your Paypal email, we’ll check and reply back to you. Unverified accounts can become eligible for “chance to win” and “points” based surveys. 
  • Prior to the $1 payment for your “sign-up and demographic survey,” you must also qualify and complete just one available (10 minute or less) research survey, which will reward you an additional payment or “chance to win”). We will email you invitations for available surveys for which you qualify.
  • Please also see our Terms of Service.


To obtain a Paypal account click here. Remember it MUST be US based and a “personal” or “premier” (non business) account in your name and preferably a “Verified” account .

To confirm your PayPal account is “Verified” prior to starting, log into your PayPal account.  (Your status will be under your name–look for the word “Verified.” If it’s missing, you don’t have a “verified” account yet).

To become Paypal verified, follow these steps, (see Paypal’s link for more information.)

1. Log in to your Paypal account
2. Click “Unverified”
3. Choose the verification method and click the corresponding button.

Link your email address you provide to us to your Paypal account. It doesn’t have to be your primary email.